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Flight simulator inside a real fuselage of an Airbus A320

Enjoy a state of the art flight simulator and fly for an hour
100.00 €

Professional massage for deep relaxation

Lay down and find deep relaxation with a great massage
29.00 €

Enjoy a day on a horse riding club with stunning views in the north of Tenerife

Spend a day reconnecting with nature and majestic horses
40.00 €

Swim and dive with wild turtles up close in the south of Tenerife

Enjoy the ocean under the water and see wild marine life like turtles and rays
80.00 €

Forest Bathing Experience - Shinrin Yoku

Disconnect from the day-to-day, relax and reconnect with nature
150.00 €

A trip aboard an Eco Catamaran where you’ll watch and listen to whales and dolphins and visit Los Gigantes cliffs

A unique experience aboard a sustainable catamaran equipped for listening to dolphins and whales underwater
40.00 €

Float freely in the water with a full face snorkelling experience

Enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean
45.00 €

Volcanic experience in an unforgettable setting on Mount Teide

See the Teide like never before - personalized tours in the Teide National Park with optional outdoor activities
150.00 €

Guided tour to a vineyard and winery, with wine tasting in the north of Tenerife

Experience local culture, explore a vineyard and try some delicious wine
25.00 €

Tuk Tuk Tour through a traditional farm and market in South Tenerife

Get to see a traditional farm around Costa Adeje from the comfort of a fun Tuk Tuk 
18.00 €

Relaxing weekend getaway with outdoor yoga

Leave stress behind with this weekend of yoga and nature
340.00 €

Guided visit to a winery with accompanied wine and cheese tasting

Experience local culture, explore a vinery and taste some volcanic wine and cheese
24.00 €

Try out a new form of aquatic sports and relaxation with Wateryoga

Relax, breathe and enjoy in the water with a Wateryoga session
100.00 €

Exclusive visit to La Laguna with an official guide and wine and cheese tasting

Get to know every nook and cranny of the gorgeous city of La Laguna
66.00 €

Discover scuba diving with your first dive and experience the underwater world of Tenerife

Breathe underwater for the first time and discover diving
75.00 €

See the stars like never before with an astronomical observation experience

Come observe the sky with a breathtaking experience
55.00 €

Fly over the stunning south coast of Tenerife in a tandem paraglider

Enjoy a tandem flight over the impressive coastline of Tenerife
90.00 €

Private Tibetan sound & holistic massage therapy in Tenerife

Tibetan sound therapy and holistic massage therapy deeply relaxes the body, soothes the mind and the entire nervous system
60.00 €

Diving and Kayaking in the sunny south of Tenerife

Enjoy the ocean both over and under the water with Kayaking and Scuba Diving
45.00 €

Enjoy the taste of Italy with a gourmet tasting experience

Try delicacies from Italy, have a glass of wine and buy your favorite products
60.00 €

Your own customized experience on a sailboat

Design an unforgettable customized experience on a sailboat with a professional skipper that will take you around the crystal clear blue waters of Tenerife
495.00 €

Dive deeper with an Advanced Adventurer course

Hone your diving skills and become an Advanced Adventurer
335.00 €

Enjoy the sensation of free flight with a paragliding experience

Enjoy the best views of the south of the island with a birdes-eye view
115.00 €

See the cities of Tenerife like never before with this urban experience

Explore Tenerife's beautiful cities with their rich history and culture
140.00 €
Photography session for families and couples -18%

Photography session for families and couples

Create unforgettable memories with your loved ones
230.00 € 280.00

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