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Feel special with this VIP Thermal Spa Circuit package

Enjoy a very special experience in Tenerife`s most complete Spa Circuit with VIP treatment
43.00 €

Restore your energy in a luxurious Thermal Spa Circuit

Take some time off and relax to the fullest in Tenerife`s most complete Spa Circuit
38.00 €

Try out a new form of aquatic sports and relaxation with Wateryoga

Relax, breathe and enjoy in the water with a Wateryoga session
100.00 €

Relaxing weekend getaway with outdoor yoga

Leave stress behind with this weekend of yoga and nature
340.00 €

Forest Bathing Experience - Shinrin Yoku

Disconnect from the day-to-day, relax and reconnect with nature
150.00 €

Do something for your physical and mental wellbeing with Natural Therapies

Enjoy a class of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and more
50.00 €

Boat Party

Get ready for the most epic party on the sea! Our boat party is the experience you`ve been waiting for to enjoy the sun, sea breeze, and live music while sailing through the most beautiful waters in the city
60.00 €

Discover Scuba Diving in Alicante

Experience the sensation of breathing underwater and explore the sea like never before
44.95 €

Wine Sensations (La Rioja)

Discover the secrets of winemaking in our vineyard cellars. Join our tour and immerse yourself in wine culture with an exclusive tasting of our best harvests
18.00 €

Decontracting Full Body Massage with Medium Pressure

Break the tensions that can build up in your daily life with this medium-pressure full body massage.
40.00 €

Chakra Balance & Healing Session

Approach imbalances and restore the ideal functioning of your balances in this chakra balancing and healing session
70.00 €

Healing Individual Tarot Session

Experience a transformative journey in this therapeutic session through the archetypes of the tarot
70.00 €

Shamanic Healing Session

Connect with the core of your being in a natural setting surrounded by permaculture gardens in this holistic healing session.
70.00 €

Semi-Permanent Manicure and Pedicure for Two

Make all your nails dazzle and shine with this semi-permanent manicure and pedicure session for two.
112.00 €

Online Nutritional Consultation

Take control of your nutrition and reach your goals with our personalised online consultations.
40.00 €

One-Day Yoga Retreat in Cercedilla

Treat yourself or a loved one to a day of disconnection and calm the mind with this yoga retreat in Cercedilla.
110.00 €

Hatha Yoga class in Cercedilla

Learn and improve one aspect of your health with this private Hatha Yoga class
25.00 €

Touring Bicycle Rentals

Discover the south of Tenerife with the freedom you only get with a bicycle
14.00 €

Bali Bliss Massage with Jasmine Oil

Relax and recharge your batteries with this full body massage with jasmine oil
33.00 €

Energy Healing Session

Cleanse and balance your body, your emotions and your main chakras in this energetic healing session
70.00 €

Whale Watching in an Exclusive Glass Bottom Catamaran

Dolphin and whale watching and all kind of nautical excursions in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, away from the crowds
75.00 €

Physical Therapy Session

Reduce pain, feel relief and improve your quality of life with personalized physical therapy session
35.00 €

Learn English Online with Native English Teachers

Improve your English with native teachers from anywhere in the world
72.00 €

Via Ferrata in Centelles

Enjoy wonderful views and a thrilling experience with this via ferrata
40.00 €

Relaxing Couple Massage with Aromatherapy

Let the aromas envelop you and let expert hands help you achieve relaxation with this experience for two
50.00 €

Beginner Canyoning in Lleida

Are you looking for an exciting adventure in nature? Try our beginner canyoning tour!
45.00 €

Spanish Course and Art Classes in Madrid

Learn Spanish and art with our intensive courses in Madrid
350.00 €

Hammam Luxury Initiation Ritual

Indulge yourself in an experience full of spectacular aromas and the best service 
70.00 €

Afternoon Spanish classes in Malaga

Learning Spanish in the afternoon is a great flexible option
95.00 €

10 Individual Spanish Lessons in Madrid

Learn Spanish in a totally personalized way with our private Spanish lessons
140.00 €
 Surf Lesson -14%

Surf Lesson

Do you want to try something new and challenging? Our surf class is for you
30.00 € 35.00

Segway Tour

Discover Barcelona in a different way with our Segway tour. Explore the city's most iconic places in a fun and exciting way
49.00 €

Outdoor Escape Room

Escape game through the streets of your city, solve the mystery, and compete in a challenging and fun digital treasure hunt
60.00 €

Tandem Paragliding Flights

Experience the thrill of flying in a paraglider or paramotor and discover the sensation of free flight
80.00 €

Big Fuerteventura Island Tour

Discover the marvelous island of Fuerteventura on our exciting excursions, join us and experience a unique adventure on this gem of the Canary Islands
69.99 €

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