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Experience the Beauty of Las Palmas City on Two Wheels

Cycling is an amazing way to explore any city. There is no better way to truly get to know a city’s culture, landscape and people than by two wheels. Set your wheels towards Las Palmas City and discover the beauty of this incredible urban destination.

Las Palmas City is the perfect destination for the dedicated cyclist. With warm sunshine most days of the year, cycling through this urban paradise is a delight. From coast to city, the charming streets and inviting areas of Las Palmas provide something for everyone. Be sure to pedal your way around its characterful neighborhoods, vibrant shopping streets and sunny parks.

You can choose your own adventure as you make your way around by bike. Hire a bike and cruise through the city center and out to Las Canteras Beach. With 9km of golden sand, this stunning beach hugs the entire length of the city’s coastline and has a number of dedicated spots for cyclists which are easily accessible. Alternatively, saddle up and hit one of the stunning mountain trails and explore the green hills and wild landscapes nearby.

So why not get out and explore Las Palmas City on two wheels? This city simply has to be experienced through the freedom and ease of cycling. With the suggestion of a gentle breeze and the sun’s glow, it’s the best way to discover this enchanting Mediterranean destination.

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