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A Unique Adventure - Paragliding in Tenerifes Elite Flights

Tenerife is known as a paradise for globetrotters and one of the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. But for extreme adventurers, there is an extraordinary opportunity that this location has to offer. ELITE paragliding in Tenerife is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most incredible experiences a daredevil can ever undertake.

ELITE paragliding offers a unique perspective of the island, unlike anything else that can be seen. A professionally certified and experienced pilot accompanies the traveler to their destination, leading the way and providing safety instructions. Once the gear is set and the paraglider is in its place, the person can have an solitary experience over the blue sky of Tenerife. It is an almost spiritual experience as the traveler dives in the sea of clouds, feeling the wind at the hands and allowing their mind to wander freely. A panoramic view of the Alicante coastline can be appreciated as well as the majestic Teide volcano.

The ELITE experience is a once in a lifetime chance to witness the beauty of nature while being in complete harmony with the environment. Perhaps the best part is how accessible the experience is, as there is no need to have any previous paragliding experience; only they will require a signed form proving the traveler is in good health. Regardless the skill of the participant, the professionals in charge lead the whole experience and make sure the security is kept at all times, giving the rider peace of mind.

ELITE paragliding in Tenerife is a great opportunity for those seeking an adventurous and breath-taking experience. Far from the traditional beach holiday, this can provide the traveler with hours of relaxation and amazement. Visitors can spend the day soaring over the skies of this tropical paradise, exploring its secrets from one of the best views and leaving the worries of everyday life behind.

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