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Learning the Joys of Paragliding with an Instructor

Paragliding can be a thrilling and enjoyable experience, but for those taking their first steps in the adventure sport, it’s important to join up with an instructor.

Paragliding involves gliding through the air while harnessed to a wing, and there are various motorized and non-motorized versions of the sport. An instructor can offer invaluable advice on things to look for in a wing, and give invaluable insight into flying safety and any potential dangers.

Before taking to the air, most instructors offer a comprehensive safety training session which covers the basics of the sport, such as launching and landing techniques. It’s important to be comfortable with the equipment and confident in the theory of how to take off, fly and land safely.

An instructor is also invaluable during the first steps of the actual flight. Having someone who knows the area, the conditions and what to look for will ensure that a beginner is safe and that the experience is enjoyable. Once you have more confidence after a few flights, and you’ve absorbed the necessary knowledge, you can then begin to fly on your own.

Paragliding is an adrenaline-filled and unique experience, and getting started with an instructor means that you’ll be able to have that experience in the safest way possible. With an instructor you can learn the right way to glide and navigate for the type of flying that youre interested in.

Instructors will highlight any issues with the equipment, the environment, and the techniques used. They will also give you a good understanding of the conditions and ultimately help you to become proficient pilots who can fly with confidence.

First-time paragliding can be daunting but with an experienced instructor, you can fly happily and safely and truly appreciate the beauty and freedom of the sport. With their support, you can use this knowledge to experience the ultimate sensation that paragliding has to offer: the aerial perspective.

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