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Explore the Pleasures of the Pla de Bages Wine Region

Are you looking for a hidden treasure in Catalonia’s wine region? If so, the Pla de Bages is the perfect destination for you. Situated in the heart of the Penedès region, this wine-growing area is renowned for its distinctive and unique selection of wines.

Founded in the high medieval period, the Pla de Bages has been producing quality wines for centuries. Its advantageous climate and glacial landscape make it ideal for the cultivation of prized grapes such as Malvasia, Sumoll, and Fuggel. Added to this is a generous dose of limestone, which is essential for great wines.

Exploring the Pla de Bages today, you will find a charming mosaic of landscapes and vineyards with a strong emphasis on organic viticulture. Visitors are in for a treat as well, with guided wine tours and plenty of chances to sample the delectable products. Get the full experience by visiting the small, family-run wineries in the area to learn about the rich history of the Pla de Bages and the traditions behind Catalan winemaking.

The Pla de Bages is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered; it offers a unique combination of exceptional wines, beautiful scenery and a rich culture. Whether you’re a wine-lover or looking for an unforgettable experience, the Pla de Bages has something for everyone. So head over, and don’t forget to take away a bottle or two of the finest wines of Catalonia.

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