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See La Gomera in a Single Day Excursion from Tenerife

Those hoping to explore a little of the Canary Islands should consider spending a day on La Gomera. This paradise island can be reached in just under an hour through the ferry from Tenerife.

La Gomera holds a rich history with remnants of the ancient civilizations of the islands such as cave drawings and stone figures. Visitors to La Gomera can get a unique glimpse into the islands past with a visit to Los Roques, a geological site of national importance. Here, cliffside caves hold fascinating prehistoric carvings portraying animals, geometric figures, and other symbols painted in a bright red ochre pigment.

For nature lovers, La Gomera is abundant in its offerings. The Garajonay National Park is a must-see when visiting the island, with its majestic laurisilva, a unique subtropical laurel-leaf forest filled with mossy trees and lush green foliage. From the mountain tops, azure waters can be seen below in all directions, and further exploration can be made on foot, on bike, or even via kayak.

No visit to La Gomera is complete without a taste of the local cuisine. Sample some of the islands delicious empanadas before sitting down to a traditional meal of potatoes and salted fish. Later, explore the historic streets of Valle Gran Rey, with its mix of traditional architecture, music, and beautiful ocean views.

Spending a day in La Gomera is a great way to experience what the island has to offer, whether youre a nature lover, history buff or foodie. The ferry from Tenerife makes it easy to get to the island and back, so you can spend a whole day exploring this paradise.

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