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Guachinche in gran canaria

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When visiting Gran Canaria, a place to go almost mandatorily will be a guachinche anywhere in the island, which is some sort of “restaurant” or similar place conditioned in a house, farm or ranch where delicious and traditional dishes from the Canary Islands are served, and with every element of the preparation harvested in the same farm. From the traditional “tapas” or snacks as cheese, “papitas”, bread, red wine and traditional dishes from the Canary Islands and specifically Gran Canaria, visitors may enjoy of a gastronomic experience strongly combined with culture with a practice that is almost unique to this place, where cheap and home-cooked meal can be enjoyed. In terms of famous guachinches in Gran Canaria, tourists may visit plenty of options as Casa Josefina; a venue in Almatriche, a few minutes away from the island´s capital and known for its simmered leg lamb, along with delicious cheese and pan de campo.

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