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If we are talking about things to do in the Canary Islands, excursions in Tenerife are of the first options that have to come to mind for sure, being of the most exotic regions this Spanish community has to offer, with plenty of adventures and activities to carry out that involve the amazing coastal territories and beaches, along with mountains and other destination that will make traveling to Tenerife unforgettable. Examples are: Dolphin sighting on board of the Bahriyeli: travel through the Atlantic Ocean and Los Cristianos while watching dolphins and the other islands surrounding as main activity. A walk traveling the Parque Nacional de Teide: a complete adventure exploring the Teide Volcano, with a six-hour tour guided by experts where natural wonders are shown. Dolphins and Turtles Safari and Kayak: Enjoy a safari that include dolphins, sea turtles and kayak on the Atlantic Ocean and to share a wonderful time with such creatures, nearby Los Cristianos beach.

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3-hour sailboat trip and whale and dolphin watching

A unique and unforgettable experience onboard a fully equipped exclusive sailboat
45.00 €

Enogastronomic Tour - discover the unique food and wine from the north of Tenerife

On this enogastronomic tour you get to experience the best food and wine that Tenerife has to offer
95.00 €

Private Tour to Teide National Park

Don't miss out on this exclusve tour to the heart of Tenerife, the National Park of Mount Teide
55.00 €

Private Tour to the green north of Tenerife and Mount Teide

See the hip cities of the north, its beautiful landscapes and the impressive Mount Teide
55.00 €

Private Tour to the wild south of Tenerife

Visit the wild south of Tenerife, far from touristic hotspots and explore rugged valleys
55.00 €

Private Tour to the rugged east of Tenerife

Explore the east of Tenerife with it's fascinating cities and breathtaking landscapes
55.00 €

Whale and Dolphin watching with a local skipper in the south of Tenerife

Magical encounters with whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, away from crowds. Ideal for lovers of the sea and nature
60.00 €

The best boat fishing trip in the area of Playa San Juan

The best gift for lovers of fishing looking for a great session with a good catch
55.00 €

Discover the hidden wineries of the north of Tenerife with this "Wine and more" Tour (Available starting 2021)

If you want to see the lush nature of the north of Tenerife and want to try delightful local wine, this is the tour for you
80.00 €

Experience the sunny south coast of Tenerife in the Costa Rush buggy tour

Drive down the gorgeous south coast of Tenerife in a fun buggy tour
80.00 €

Personalized guided tour to the gorgeous south of Tenerife

Enjoy a day in the best natural beaches and picturesque fishing villages
150.00 €

Take a ride in a buggy in this Teide Express Tour

Get to see Mount Teide from up close in a thrilling buggy tour
155.00 €

Enjoy the sky and the sea on this Teide and dolphin tour

On this magical day you can enjoy the mountains and the ocean - see Mount Teide and dolphins in just one day!
185.00 €

Experience the best of Mount Teide in a thrilling Buggy Tour

Embark on a journey to see Mount Teide like never before - from its panoramic dirt roads
195.00 €

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