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Gran Canaria is an island of adventure in the Spanish archipelago, with a great set of activities to enjoy outdoors and taking advantage of the variety of landscapes in the Canary Island; a long coastline and the Atlantic Ocean, mountains and amazing flora and fauna. For example, buggy tours are quite popular where visitors are given car to drive on the open road across the mountains and also beaches and sand dunes, like the ones in Maspalomas as definitely of the best destination for buggy tours. El Parque Nacional La Fataga is another common place to enjoy buggy rides, Jet Ski Safaris and parachuting. And of course, activities related to water are worth mentioning with possibilities that include fly board, Jet boat, kite surf, surfing and more. Snorkeling is of the preferred activities in water in Gran Canaria, because of the turtles and dolphins in the southern coast of the island.

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Private Tour to Teide National Park

Don't miss out on this exclusve tour to the heart of Tenerife, the National Park of Mount Teide
55.00 €

Whale and Dolphin watching with a local skipper in the south of Tenerife

Magical encounters with whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, away from crowds. Ideal for lovers of the sea and nature
60.00 €

The best boat fishing trip in the area of Playa San Juan

The best gift for lovers of fishing looking for a great session with a good catch
55.00 €

Personalized guided tour to explore the culture of the green north of Tenerife

Explore the rich culture and stunning landscapes of Tenerife's green north
150.00 €

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