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Airfield Flight Simulator in a Boeing 737

Practice like a professional pilot and enjoy the experience of flying the virtual skies in a Boeing 737
65.00 €

Airfield Flight Simulator in an Airbus 320

Experience the feeling of being a professional pilot on an Airbus 320 flight simulation.
75.00 €

One-Day Yoga Retreat in Cercedilla

Treat yourself or a loved one to a day of disconnection and calm the mind with this yoga retreat in Cercedilla.
110.00 €

Hatha Yoga class in Cercedilla

Learn and improve one aspect of your health with this private Hatha Yoga class
25.00 €

Winery Visit and Wine Tasting Experience

Discover the magic of wine and enjoy a tasting of wines accompanied by a typical Castilian appetizer
15.00 €

Professional Photography Session at Iconic Sites in Madrid

Discover the beauty of Madrid and create lasting memories
210.00 €

Street Art and Graffiti Tour around Madrid

Explore the city through contemporary art and the graffiti movement
29.00 €

Romantic Getaway to a Mountain in Leon

Relax and enjoy with your partner in a picturesque and remote rural house near the mountains
230.00 €

Canyoning in Madrid

If you like adventure and adrenaline, this canyoning descent is the perfect activity for you
40.00 €

Free Paragliding and Powered Paragliding in Madrid

Feel the wind from the heights with professional guides in these paragliding flights
60.00 €

Online Photography Course

Explore the world of photography and make your compositions picture-perfect in this 10-hour live class
39.00 €

Photo Shoot for Couples

Capture brilliant moments and immortalize your love with this photoshoot for couples
100.00 €

Hot Air Balloon Flight with Toast and Picnic

Fly in a hot air balloon over Segovia, Aranjuez or Toledo and enjoy an excellent picnic with quality Iberian products
190.00 €

Balloon Flight in Segovia with Optional Transportation from Madrid

Discover the city from the sky on these incredible balloon flights
190.00 €

Wine Tourism in Madrid

Discover wine tourism with this tour of magnificent sites and finish your visit with a tasting of three selected wines
20.00 €

10 Online Individual Spanish Lessons

Learn Spanish from anywhere in the world with this voucher of 10 fully personalized individual Spanish lessons
350.00 €

Feel like a Music Star in a Professional Studio

Come to our studio, record a song and feel like your idols
95.00 €

Relaxing Couple Massage with Aromatherapy

Let the aromas envelop you and let expert hands help you achieve relaxation with this experience for two
50.00 €

Balloon Ride in Segovia

Enjoy the wonders of the city from high altitude and celebrate with a country side breakfast of Iberian products
190.00 €

Hot Air Balloon Ride over Segovia

Feel the thrill of flying in a hot air balloon over the most beautiful landscapes of Spain
190.00 €

Country House with Private Spa

Surprise your special someone and get away to a romantic country house with all the amenities
130.00 €

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Segovia

Enjoy a balloon ride in Segovia and discover a new world from the heights
190.00 €

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Toledo

Fly over the skies of Toledo and enjoy fantastic views of the city surrounded by the Tagus River in a hot air balloon
200.00 €

Spanish Course and Dance Lessons in Madrid

Learn Spanish with swing with our Spanish course combined with dance classes in Madrid. Don`t let the party stop!
330.00 €

Spanish Course and Art Classes in Madrid

Learn Spanish and art with our intensive courses in Madrid
350.00 €

Pilot For A Day: 15 Minute Light Aircraft Flight

Become a pilot for a day and take the controls of a light aircraft for 15 minutes
44.00 €

Pilot For A Day: 30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight

Become a pilot for a day and take the controls of a light aircraft for 30 minutes
84.00 €

Spanish Course and Tennis Lessons in Madrid

If you are a fan of the sport of the moment and want to learn or improve your Spanish you should try this course
390.00 €

Afternoon Spanish Classes in Madrid

Learning Spanish in the afternoons is the best option if you have other in the morning
145.00 €

10 Individual Spanish Lessons in Madrid

Learn Spanish in a totally personalized way with our private Spanish lessons
140.00 €

Amazing Flight in a Light Airplane for Two in Madrid

Discover the skies over Madrid and fall in love with this flight in a light aircraft
285.00 €

Private Chef Experience

Enjoy our menus with private chefs in your own home, who will make your experience unique and unforgettable
46.00 €

Paragliding Baptism Fligh

Experience the thrill and adrenaline of paragliding with our exclusive baptism flight, embark on a unique adventure as you soar above breathtaking landscapes
69.00 €

Fun Eco-Friendly Vehicle Rental

Discover the thrilling way to explore and have fun with our exciting eco-friendly vehicle rental activity
5.00 €

Wineyard Tour and Wine Tasting

Uncover the charm and flavor of wine culture with our exciting enotourism tour, taking you on an unforgettable journey
15.00 €

Pool Diving Baptism

Experience the sensation of floating and breathing underwater as you explore a new world
50.00 €

Visit to a beautiful winery

Come and experience an exciting day and let yourself be seduced by the art, the history and the taste of our wines
25.00 €

Tour around Segovia, Ávila & Toledo from Madrid

Explore the history and beauty of Spain in just one day: Segovia, Ávila, and Toledo await you. Discover World Heritage cities, iconic monuments, and the magic of centuries past. Book now and experience three unforgettable destinations in a single journey!
119.99 €

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