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Surfing in Tenerife is one of the preferred activities by the tourists and visitors, considered as the “European Hawaii” and with many pro suffers coming to this region, due to great beaches and spots with great waves and warmth weather that is perfect for such purpose. The perfect spots to surf in the island are available either in northern or southern Tenerife with different sort of surge. For instance, El Charco or also Known as La Piscina is one of the craziest places to surf, recommended for pros and people wanting an adventure. Igueste de San Andres is the ideal place to surf in Northern Tenerife, quite crowded in winters since it is the perfect time of the year to surf, with easy to handle waves and sea conditions for beginners. Other known spots to surf in Tenerife are: Las Galletas, Punta Blanca, La Izquierda, La Caleta and El Socorro.

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Private surf lessons in El Médano

Individual classes for all levels of surfing
45.00 €

Surf classes all over the south of Tenerife

Learn how to surf with a grin on your face in the sunny south of Tenerife
35.00 €

Beginners Surf Class

Learn to tame the waves and enjoy the sea with this surf course for beginners
35.00 €

Surf Lessons Las Americas beach

Have you always dreamt of riding the waves? Look no further
35.00 €

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