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In Tenerife there are multiple choices respecting wellness centers and health facilities that help visitors and local to exercise, practice different sports, relaxing and improve their health in general, along with other possibilities depending on the places to go and the services they have available. Usually, a wellness facility would include a pool, different spaces designed to practice disciplines like yoga and Pilates or similar, a spa and a gym and any other space used by the visitors to exercise and also get relaxed, probably after a busy day or exactly the opposite with the purpose to start the daily activities with full energy. Now, when it comes to high end wellness in Tenerife there are outstanding places available. For instance, the Spacio 10 Wellness Center in the island includes spa circuits with hydro-massage, hot top, flotarium, spinning, Yoga class, body and cosmetic treatments and a whole set of machines to exercise in any way.

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Feel special with this VIP Thermal Spa Circuit package

Enjoy a very special experience in Tenerife's most complete Spa Circuit with VIP treatment
34.00 €

Restore your energy in a luxurious Thermal Spa Circuit

Take some time off and relax to the fullest in Tenerife's most complete Spa Circuit
24.50 €

Professional massage for deep relaxation

Lay down and find deep relaxation with a great massage
29.00 €

Private sound therapy in Tenerife

Bowls are placed on the body`s covered areas, the sound penetrates deeply into the body, passing through it with vibrating waves
47.00 €

Private holistic massage in Tenerife

Holistic massage is about setting an atmosphere, creating an energy, being in a particular vibe
60.00 €

Private Tibetan sound & holistic massage therapy in Tenerife

Tibetan sound therapy and holistic massage therapy deeply relaxes the body, soothes the mind and the entire nervous system
85.00 €

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