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After enjoying the beautiful Canary Island of Tenerife and everything it has to offer, going to a spa and get a massage is the perfect way to end the day. Spas in Tenerife are available 24/7 and attending one of them is easy regardless of where you are. For those that are located in the northern region of the island with a greater degree of tranquility and less visitors, the Spa La Quinta is a suitable place to relax and have incredible massages, a health center for the body and mind with sense-awakening features and different packs, such as couple massages. On the other hand, for tourists that establish in southern Tenerife attracted by amazing beaches and night life, there are other options in spas as the Aqua Club Termal Adeje; located in Costa Adeje and offering a great extension of amazing thermal waters, with services like hydro-massages on a special pool, relaxation treatments and other services.

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Feel special with this VIP Thermal Spa Circuit package TOP

Feel special with this VIP Thermal Spa Circuit package

Enjoy a very special experience in Tenerife`s most complete Spa Circuit with VIP treatment
43.00 €

Restore your energy in a luxurious Thermal Spa Circuit

Take some time off and relax to the fullest in Tenerife`s most complete Spa Circuit
38.00 €

Private gastronomic tour to Masca (including visit to banana farm)

Explore the Masca region, with a private excursion to the small town of Masca and a banana farm
98.00 €

Luxurious Villas in the south of Tenerife

Get your own little piece of paradise and enjoy the best sunset with the Atlantic as background in your own Villa in the South of Tenerife
1125.00 €

Private Tour to the wild south of Tenerife

Visit the wild south of Tenerife, far from touristic hotspots and explore rugged valleys
85.00 €

Private Tour to Teide National Park

Don`t miss out on this exclusive tour to the heart of Tenerife, the National Park of Mount Teide
85.00 €

Private Teide tour with winery visit and wine tasting

Explore the Teide National Park and try some delicious local wine
98.00 €

Enjoy the sensation of free flight with a paragliding experience

Enjoy the best views of the south of the island with a birdes-eye view
130.00 €

Enjoy the sky and the sea on this Teide and dolphin tour

On this magical day you can enjoy the mountains and the ocean - see Mount Teide and dolphins in just one day!
185.00 €

Personalized guided tour to explore the culture of the green north of Tenerife

Explore the rich culture and stunning landscapes of Tenerife's green north
150.00 €

Fly like a bird with the longest flight of the south of Tenerife

Enjoy the flight that everyone wants: the spectacular extended flight from Ifonche
150.00 €

Personalized guided tour to the wild Biosphere Reserve of Anaga

Explore the beautiful, rugged landscape of the biosphere reserve of Anaga with a unique flora and fauna
150.00 €

Personalized guided tour to the gorgeous south of Tenerife

Enjoy a day in the best natural beaches and picturesque fishing villages
150.00 €

See the cities of Tenerife like never before with this urban experience

Explore Tenerife's beautiful cities with their rich history and culture
140.00 €
Experience the 70s spending a night in a Volkswagen T2 -21%

Experience the 70s spending a night in a Volkswagen T2

A vintage experience with the most spectacular scenery in a Volkswagen T2.
230.00 € 290.00

Chakra Balance & Healing Session

Approach imbalances and restore the ideal functioning of your balances in this chakra balancing and healing session
70.00 €

Viking Whale and Dolphin Watching Cruise

Set sail on an epic adventure with our Viking Whale and Dolphin Watching Cruise, where you`ll discover the majesty of these marine creatures as we explore the crystal-clear waters on the high seas
44.50 €
Buggy Tours in the North of Tenerife POPULAR

Buggy Tours in the North of Tenerife

Set yourself free and discovar an unrivalled experience with these buggy routes through the north of Tenerife
180.00 €

Romantic Escape to Paradise

Take time off, rest under the stars in a beautiful scenery and fill your heart with pleasant memories
220.00 €

Energy Healing Session

Cleanse and balance your body, your emotions and your main chakras in this energetic healing session
70.00 €

Snorkeling Tour in Volcanic Bay with Possibility of Seeing Turtles

Enjoy the best snorkeling tour, guided by expert freediving instructors and marine biologists
79.00 €

Surf Lessons Las Americas beach

Have you always dreamt of riding the waves? Look no further
35.00 €

Pyramids of Güímar

Discover an ancient enigma at the Güímar Pyramids! Immerse yourself in the mysterious history of these unique structures, witnesses of ancient civilizations, on this journey through time that you won't want to miss
4.50 €

Submarine Safari

Discover the hidden wonders beneath the sea in this incredible adventure at 30 meters depth. Observe sunken ships and enjoy marine life like never before. An unforgettable experience awaits you!
57.00 €

Kayak Safari with Snorkel

Experience a unique adventure with our Kayak Safari with Snorkeling. Discover crystal-clear waters, fascinating marine life and spectacular seafloor landscapes
35.00 €

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