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Cars rent in Tenerife is quite easy, since there are plenty of specialized businesses that offer hiring a vehicle for a short period of time at the best prices possible. If the intention is to know Tenerife and enjoy at first hand everything this Canary Island has to offer, by performing a car rental is definitely the way to go. Starting from traveling through the mountains of the island to plenty of the coastal territory, everything is easier with a car that can be found in different models and type, for specific periods of time and more, depending on the users´ need at that moment.

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Enjoy a day out in a luxury Chevrolet Camaro Cabrio

Take a thrilling ride in a Chevrolet Camaro Cabrio
150.00 €

Explore Tenerife your own way in a Ford Mustang Classic 2014

Enjoy an American muscle car and take a ride in a powerful Ford Mustang Classic
120.00 €

Experience the sunny south coast of Tenerife in the Costa Rush buggy tour

Drive down the gorgeous south coast of Tenerife in a fun buggy tour
80.00 €

Take a ride in a buggy in this Teide Express Tour

Get to see Mount Teide from up close in a thrilling buggy tour
155.00 €

Experience the best of Mount Teide in a thrilling Buggy Tour

Embark on a journey to see Mount Teide like never before - from its panoramic dirt roads
195.00 €

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